Public Conveniences

The Council continues to provide public conveniences in all four town centre locations.

There are currently DDA accessible public conveniences located in all four town centres. Please see the list of facilities, including opening times below. All facilities are closed on Sundays.

Locations and Times of Public Convenience Facilities
Location Opening Times Facilities Baby Change

Beeston, Broadgate

8:00-16:30 Monday to Thursday and Saturday

8.00-16.00 Friday

Female, Unisex, DDA

In the Unisex facility

Beeston Council Offices, Foster Avenue

8:30-17:00 Monday to Thursday

8:30-16.30 Friday


In the Unisex/DDA facility

Beeston Town Centre

Male and Female Toilet

8:00-16:30 Monday - Thursday and Saturday

8:00 - 16:00 Friday

Disabled access toilet is accessible 24 hours a day with radar key

1 Male, 1 Female, 1 Disabled Access Toilet, 1 Changing Places Toilet


Kimberley, Main Street

8:00-16:30 Monday to Thursday and Saturday

8:00-16:00 Friday

Male, Female, DDA


Stapleford, The Roach, Nottingham Road

8:00-16:30 Monday to Thursday and Saturdays

8:00-16:00 Friday

Male, Female, DDA

In the male and female facility

Eastwood, Nottingham Road

8:00-16:30 Monday to Thursday and Saturday

8:00-16:00 Friday

Male, Female, DDA

In the female facility


Beeston Changing Places Toilets

Location: Public Conveniences, Styring Street, Beeston, Nottingham, NG9 2JJ (Next to the Tram/ Bus interchange, outside PureGym)

What is a Changing Places Toilet:

A Changing Places Toilet is a facility with extra space and equipment and is designed for people with complex disabilities who require one or two assistants with them.

Facilities Included:

  • Toilet with access to both sides for assistants
  • Ceiling Track Hoist with 200kg weight limit (Slings not provided)
  • Height-adjustable changing table with 200kg weight limit
  • Height adjustable wash basin
  • Privacy Screen


Access to the facility will be restricted to a membership scheme. The facility will be kept locked, with access only for those who apply and are issued a key fob. The reason for this restriction is to prevent misuse of the facility. The facility will be accessible 24hrs a day. You can apply using our application form(.pdf)(110KB)(Opens in a New Window) or pick up an application form from our Council Offices reception. Application forms must be delivered in person to the Council Offices by the user and/or their carer to enable checking of evidence/ID and collection of key fob. Evidence of Disability Living Allowance, Personal Independence Payment or a diagnosis letter from your GP must be provided. Carers must also provide proof of ID and either evidence of Carers Allowance or relationship to user.

Guidelines & Conditions of Use:

The Changing Places toilet has an automatic door. Hold the key fob next to the sensor located on the post outside the toilet block. Keep well clear whilst the door opens. After entering the door will close (stand clear of sensors) and then you can manually lock the door.

Anyone using the facility should be appropriately trained to use the specialist equipment (hoist, height adjustable changing table etc.). If you are unsure how to use the equipment, do not use the facility. The assistant(s) must ensure the safety of the user at all times.

Slings for the hoist are not provided. Users/ assistants must bring their own, and ensure they are compatible with the hoist. If you are unsure on compatibility, do not use the hoist.

When using the changing table, cover first with a disposable sheet available from the dispenser. After use please remove and dispose of the paper sheet in the bin provided.

The weight limits of the hoist (200kg) and changing table (200kg) must not be exceeded.

The facility must be left clean, as you would expect to find it. After exiting the facility, ensure the door the has closed properly behind you before leaving to prevent unauthorised access.

Your key fob is only for your use and is not transferable. Misuse of the facility may lead to access being denied.

To ensure the facility is the best condition for all users, please report any damage or hygiene issues or suspected misuse of the facility immediately to Broxtowe Borough Council on 0115 917 7777.



tel: 0115 917 7777