Reconnect with learning

Find out where you can learn new skills to help you secure a new job or learn a new hobby to focus your attention.

woman on her laptop, smilingIt’s never too late to learn new skills, whether it’s a new recipe or hobby or improving your professional skills to help you find a new job. Having something to focus on can also take your mind of worries and concerns for a while.

There’s lots of free online training resources that you can access from home and complete in your own time.

Inspire Nottinghamshire

They offer a wider range of online courses, from improving your employability skills to crafting - find out more at (Opens in a new window)

Skills Toolkit

With more and more online now, it’s a good time to brush up on your digital skills, along with other essential skills. (Opens in a new window)

Nottinghamshire Community and Voluntary Service

Skills for running an organisation, safeguarding, skills for leaders of volunteers, support for social entrepreneurs. (Opens in a new window)

Future Learn

Future Learn offer short courses, some for free. (Opens in a new window)


If you’re after something more informal, why not try…

  • Searching YouTube for tutorials on just about anything – baking, yoga, crafting, sewing, DIY, you name it, there’ll be a tutorial for it.
  • Searching online for short courses you can do from home to learn a new hobby
  • There’s lots of Facebook interest groups where you could connect with people who have similar interest or hobbies e.g. an online book club.
  • Colouring books and painting can be really therapeutic and relaxing.