Parking Dispensations

Parking Dispensations

Information on how to apply for a short term parking permit (dispensation) to allow you to park vehicles on streets with parking restrictions.

Dispensations are short term parking permits (up to 14 days) for vehicles parking on streets with parking restrictions such as Residents Parking Schemes, single yellow lines, etc.

Nottinghamshire County Council are currently responsible for all on-street residents parking permits however, Broxtowe Borough Council and Rushcliffe Borough Council can offer on-street parking dispensations to business and trade persons where there is a requirement to park in a restricted area to carry out work activities.

Apply Online

Complete our online Dispensation Application form. (Opens in a New Window)

To check what restrictions there are in a particular street please visit TraffWeb (Opens in a New Window) which shows all the current Traffic Regulation orders.

Payment is required on approval of the application before the dispensation will be issued.  The Council's decision is final.


Dispensations costs
Cost Description 


Cost per dispensation per period with more than 5 working days notice 


Cost per dispensation per period with less than 5 working days notice 

Important Information

The parking dispensation is not a general parking permit. It will state on which street and at what times it is applicable. 

The dispensation is subject to Terms and Conditions of Use - please read these carefully prior to applying.

Unless there are significant extenuating circumstances, discretionary dispensations will not be issued for continuous periods in excess of 14 calendar days. Further dispensations issued beyond this period for continuing work will incur additional costs.

If approved, dispensations will be issued to the applicant and must be clearly displayed on the vehicle while parked.  Details of the dispensation can be verified by the Civil Enforcement Officer if required. Discretionary permits will not be issued to Members or Officers of any Council for routine work or other purposes and will only be issued for the essential statutory or other requirements detailed above.

For further details, please visit the Nottinghamshire County Council Parking Enforcement's website. (Opens in a New Window)

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