Part 1 Local Plan: Core Strategy

The adopted Core Strategy (the first part of the Local Plan) sets out the vision, objectives, spatial strategy and the strategic policies for the Borough up to 2028.

The Council adopted the Part 1 Local Plan: Core Strategy (.pdf) (8.24MB) (Opens in a New Window) (Opens in a New Window) on 17th September 2014, following examination by an independent Inspector from the Planning Inspectorate.  The document sets out the strategic policy direction for future development in Broxtowe Borough and also in Nottingham City and Gedling Borough.

The Core Strategy:

  • provides a broad guide to development and growth in the Borough, setting out locations for major sites
  • sets out key issues faced by the Borough to 2028
  • co-ordinates policies, priorities and programmes together with the public resources to deliver them


Given its complexity, the Core Strategy has included several consultations and revisions.  Please click on the links in the timeline below to take you to relevant documentation for each stage of the Core Strategy.

Planning Policy
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