Motor Salvage

Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 - This Act applies to those who operate as a Scrap Metal Dealer, Scrap Metal Collector or as a Motor Salvage Operator. All three will be combined into two new types of licence.

Existing Scrap Metals and Motor Salvage licence holders within Broxtowe will be able to re-apply for the new licence over a short period from 1st October. The Council will have up to December to decide on the application during which time they may continue trading. If you do not apply during this period you will not be able to continue to trade. 

New applicants will be able to apply from 1st October but will not be able to trade until the application is decided. There are two types of licence, a Site licence and a Mobile Collectors licence. 

Every person (or business) that collects scrap metal will be required to hold a licence from each local authority area they work in. This will mean a collector could hold multiple licences.

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Are You Eligible?

An applicant must not have any relevant convictions under the vehicle crime regulations, for metal theft or environmental crime. Current identification of the applicant must be provided and checked.

Application Evaluation Process

An inspection and criminal convictions check will be undertaken before a registration is issued. Applications must be accompanied by the appropriate fee.

Your application will be processed within 3 months. 

If you do not receive the license, you will be not be able to trade.

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