Green Rewards

Earn discounts and prizes when you record sustainable actions to reduce your carbon emissions.

Green Rewards Notts residents taking action on climate change is Green Rewards

Green Rewards is an online platform designed to encourage Broxtowe residents to undertake sustainable actions, which in turn help reduce their carbon footprint.

Users  accumulate points for undertaking actions such as reusing and recycling and these actions are logged either via the Green Rewards app, or the web platform.

Residents can sign up to Green Rewards at or download the app by searching for ‘Notts; Green Rewards’ in the app store.

The idea is that together if we all make small changes to our lifestyle this add up to a big difference!

View our video showcasing the benefits of signing up (Opens in a new window).

How do I earn points?

Green points can be earnt by undertaking sustainable actions like:

  • Walking to work or school instead of taking the car.
  • Cycling or using public transport.
  • Putting your recycling bin out with all the correct recyclables.
  • Switching off a light or switch at home.
  • Taking a shower of four minutes or less.

A full list of actions is available when you log in to Green Rewards.

What can I win?

Every month, two Broxtowe winners are selected:

  • One member with the most points.
  • One member via a raffle draw of all Broxtowe resident’s taking part.

Winners will be given the choice of a £20 gift voucher from a number of retailers.

You can also help give back to your local community by earning points – every six months the ward with the most points wins a biodiversity prize. The users from the winning ward get to choose from one of the following:

  • Native wildflower plugs.
  • Tree planting.
  • Bulb planting.


For being a Green Rewards user you can get a 15% discount on Nottingham City Transport adult and group day tickets. Further discounts for the scheme will also be coming online soon.  

Sign up today

Visit the Nottingham Green Rewards website (Opens in a New Window) and follow the steps to ‘Activate Account’ on the homepage. All you need to do is enter your postcode and email address.

You can also download the mobile app through the Apple store or Google Play Store – search for ‘Notts; Green Rewards’.

If you need a little assistance on how to sign up, follow our How To Sign Up To Green Rewards video (Opens in a new window).

What difference are we making?

Since the platform launched, Broxtowe users have:

  • Avoided emitting 66 tonnes of carbon.
  • Walked or cycled 26,537 miles (that’s once round the earth!).
  • Travelled 34,073 miles by public transport.
  • Saved enough energy to power 495 homes by washing at 30oC.
  • Avoided putting 26 tonnes of waste in the black bin by recycling.
  • Avoided using 9,797 single use plastic items by choosing to use a reusable item.
  • Have saved 20,666 baths’ full of water by taking a 4-minute shower.