Strategic Location Consultation: Toton

Broxtowe undertook a consultation (between 23rd November - 1st December 2015) on the appropriate mix, amount and location of new development in this location with regard to the minimum development requirements specified in the Core Strategy. This consultation is now closed.

The responses of the consultation were summarised and included in a report taken to Cabinet (.pdf) (11.4MB) (Opens in a New Window) (Opens in a New Window) on 15th December 2015. At this meeting Cabinet made the resolution that;

  • The amount, location mix and site boundaries of development as described in appendix 6 and shown in appendix 7 are put forward as a site specific allocation to be progressed as part of the Broxtowe Part 2 Local Plan

  • The content of this report, together with relevant background information previously reported to the June and July 2015 HS2 Toton Advisory Committees, is published as an interim policy framework to aid decision takers for this strategic location prior to the adoption of the Broxtowe Part 2 Local Plan

  • Minor editing and presentational changes prior to publication are delegated to the Chief Executive in consultation with the Leader

The documents which were the subject of the Cabinet Resolution are below: