Bulky Waste

Bulky Waste

Information about how to book a bulky waste collection and what items can be collected.

2 men moving an old sofa towards a bin lorry for Bulky waste collection.Free Bulky Waste Days

We’re running a programme of bulky waste days across the Borough as part of our Clean and Green Campaign. You’ll be able to take your bulky waste to one of the following locations on the listed dates to be disposed of for free.

A full list of items we can accept can be found below.


List of free bulky waste days
Location Date Time

Beeston Fields Recreation Ground Car Park Beeston

Saturday 27th July

8:00 am to 10:30am

Leyton Crescent Recreation Ground Car Park, Beeston

Saturday 27th July

11:00 am to 13:30pm

Manor Farm Recreation Ground Car Park, Toton

Saturday 27th July

8:00am to 10:30am

Inham Nook Recreation Ground Car Park, Chilwell

Saturday 27th July

11:00am to 13:30pm

Hickings Lane Recreation Ground Car Park, Stapleford

Saturday 27th July

8:00am to 10:30am

Ilkeston Road Recreation Ground Car Park, Stapleford

Saturday 27th July

11:00am to 13:30pm

St Mary’s Church Car Park, Greasley

Saturday 10th August

8:00am to 10:30am

Greasley Parish Sports and Community Centre Car Park

Saturday 10th August

11:00am to 13:30pm

Awsworth Parish Hall Car Park

Saturday 10th August 

8:00am to 10:30am

Jubilee Park Car Park, Church Street Car Park, Eastwood

Saturday 10th August

11:00am to 13:30pm

Oldmoor Lodge Car Park, Nuthall

Saturday 10th August

8:00am to  10:30:am

Temple Centre Car Park, Nuthall 

Saturday 10th August

11:00am to 13:30pm

What can be collected?

Summary of items that can and can't be collected as a bulky waste
Can Collect - Examples Don't Collect - Examples



Electrical goods (fridges & freezers - clean and empty)

Building rubble and bricks


Gas bottles







Bulky Waste Service

Old sofa for Bulky waste collection

We provide a bulky waste collection service at a small cost.

How much does it cost?

  • The service charge is £13 per order, plus £7 per item of waste collected.  For example, if we collected 2 items from your property it would cost £13, plus £7 for each item so £27 in total.

How to book a collection

You can book and pay for a collection online using  the Bulky Waste Online Form (Opens in a New Window). or call 0115 917 7777

Please note we will not help you prepare the item for collection and items must be accessible and put outside by 6.30 am on the allocated collection day.

For details on how we collect, store and retain your personal information please read our full privacy notice.

Terms & Conditions

  • By accepting these terms and conditions you are confirming that you have the ownership of the items for disposal and will indemnify the Council against any third party claims made in respect of the items collected and disposed of.
  • The service charge is non-refundable
  • A cancellations must be made 2 working days prior to the collection date
  • Requests for refunds must be made no later than 1 working day before the service is due to take place
  • Items cannot be added or amended to the collection after payment has been received
  • If a false declaration has been submitted the Council has a legal right to refuse collection and withhold any refunds until the details have been resolved
  • The Council will only collect items that are listed on the confirmation order
  • All items stated on the confirmation order/quote must be accessible by 6.30 am on the allocated collection day and at the location indicated
  • The Council reserves the right to refuse to collect items which it considers may endanger the health and safety of operatives or which may damage the mechanism of the collection vehicle

Other ways to dispose of your bulky waste

There are other ways you could dispose of your bulky waste including:

Flytipping Notice

If you remove the waste yourself, you have a legal responsibility to take reasonable steps to check that people removing waste from your premises are authorised to do so.

Be proud of your community, report flytipping

The fly-tipping of waste is a serious criminal offence which carries a fine of up to £50,000 (unlimited if indicted to the Crown Court) or an offender can even be imprisoned for a maximum of 5 years.  

Reasonable steps to take are:

  • Ask the waste carrier to provide you with their full address and telephone number.
  • Ask to see their waste carrier licence issued by the Environment Agency or Natural Resources Wales.
  • Contact the Environment Agency directly on 03708 506 506 and ask for a free instant Waste Carrier Validation Check, alternatively you can check online on the Environment Agency website (opens new window)

tel: 0115 917 7777