Broxtowe Borough Council's current apprentices.

Broxtowe Borough Council Apprentices

Detailed below are some of Broxtowe Borough Council's current apprentices. You'll find out what apprenticeships they are doing, why they are doing them and the benefits they are seeing from completing their courses.

Charlotte Holley, Human Resources Apprentice, HR Support

Why did you want to do an apprenticeship course?Apprentice Charlotte Nicholls

Working in the NHS as a phlebotomist, I really enjoyed helping people; however, I didn’t enjoy the lack of career progression, without going back to university. So I started to look into careers in which I could help people but still move up the career ladder, fulfilling my need to grow. My research kept bringing the results of Human Resources, but this was a very difficult career to join. You needed to work in HR to get a HR Qualification, but you couldn’t get work in HR without a HR Qualification or experience… it seemed impossible to join this new field. So when the Human Resources Apprentice position came up at Broxtowe I jumped at the chance to finally start a career in a field I had become passionate about.

What did you enjoy about the course?

I enjoy learning again, but I’m not stuck in a classroom scribbling notes and thinking “Will I even use this information?”. Instead I get to shadow so many meetings, interviews and conversations, giving me that real world experience that I will actually get to apply to my working life. I find it easier to learn from observing, so having the opportunity to do an apprenticeship has been perfect for me.

Would you recommend doing an apprenticeship to other people?

Definitely. I am unfortunately one of those University drop-outs, who quickly found that University life was not for me. I enjoyed working and I always have since my first job. To change careers in your mid-twenties is hard, especially since I already had bills, I couldn’t just suddenly become a full time student again. So an apprenticeship was the perfect way for me to get back into learning, but still getting paid for it.

Lewis Bull, Parking, CCTV and Security Apprentice, Public Service Operational Delivery Officer

Apprentice Luke BullWhat did you enjoy about your apprenticeship course?

One aspect I enjoyed about the course was that it was based on my workload and progressed at a pace that best suited me. Another reason I enjoyed the course was the variety of different methods in which information is provided to the learners, the information is kept fresh and engaging.

How will the qualification benefit you?

The qualification will allow me to develop a career path at the council, helping to provide the services to the borough. It will also allow me with put into practice the skills and qualifications I have gained, which have helped to enhance my personal and professional skills.

Was the course what you expected when you heard ‘apprenticeship’?

What I expected when I heard apprenticeship is a structured course or process whereby there is little flexibility regarding college or tutor visits, assignments and exams. However, it was the opposite with the course being tailored to meet my own requirements and workload. Tutors are very understanding regarding work commitments and allow the learner to shape how they produce assignments, when meetings take place and the pace in which the course progresses.

Nathan Thomas, Income Collection Assistant, Business Administrator Level 3

Why did you want to do an apprenticeship course?

There was an open offer to all council staff to enrol on any suitable course. I wasn’t too sure at first but once I learned more about it, and was sure of the council’s commitment to supporting people through their courses, I signed up.Apprentice Nathan Thomas

What did you enjoy about the course?

We are really lucky to work in an environment where people with completely unrelated jobs all work under the same roof. I have shadowed various different people from other sections of the council. This has been really interesting, and it’s great to interact with people in a more relaxed way, rather than just when you need something from them!

How will the qualification benefit you?

This has opened my mind to the idea of working for a different area of the council. Once I have completed the course there is the opportunity to start a higher level course, so this has made me think more seriously about longer term career goals and personal development.

Stephen Grimes, Housing Grants Officer, Level 4 Management and Sustainability

Apprentice Stephen Grimes

Why did you want to do an apprenticeship course?

I wanted to continue my learning and to build on the level 3 apprenticeship I had already completed.

What did you enjoy about the course?

I enjoy learning about the wider construction industry, giving me a greater picture than just what I learn in the workplace.

How will the qualification benefit you?

The course will give me more knowledge and experience and develops me towards a management position.

What does your manager have to say about your apprenticeship?

Stephen had already begun his career and apprenticeship with another department in the authority and the skills and training he had already developed has been extremely beneficial as he began his role in my team. A brilliant example of how a career can be developed and progress whilst undertaking an apprenticeship. 



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