Information on the Council's Dogs services.


Broxtowe Borough Council provides services to help with:

Legal Requirements

We help to enforce the law on the following legal requirements:

Dog identification

The Control of Dogs Order 1992 (Opens in a New Window) says that all dogs, when on the street or in a public place, must wear a collar with the name, address and telephone number of the owner written on a tag attached to it.  Microchipping of all dogs from the age of 8 weeks old became law in April 2016.  Please remember though that if your dog is microchipped you must keep the database company updated with your details if you move house or provide the new owner's details if you sell or give away your dog.


The Microchipping of Dogs (England) Regulations 2015 (Opens in a New Window) came in to force in April 2016. All dogs in England, Scotland and Wales are legally required to be microchipped and have the details held on the database up to date.

For information about microchipping please spoke to your local vets.

Top Tips

To prevent your dog straying

  • Make sure your home is secure and lock your doors to prevent any accidental opening of handles, install safety catches on any low windows and when entering a garden area check the fence line is fully secured and all gates are locked before letting your dog enter

  • Make sure your dog is wearing a collar and identification tag and all your details are kept up to date on your microchip as the law requires

  • If your dog is going to be looked after while you are on holiday then place a temporary address tag on your dog and make sure you inform the person of the emergency procedure if your dog becomes lost

For finding a lost or stolen dog

  • The Council posts details about stray dogs found by the Neighbourhood Wardens on its social media channels

  • Contact your microchip database and inform them that your dog is lost as they will notify you if someone tries to change the chip details

  • Use Social Media. it is free and very effective - post to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram so that your friends and followers can join the search. Also add your dog to lost dog pages

  • Call all kennels in your area and email them a picture of your dog this should include the holding kennels for your Local Authority and any boarding kennels

  • Call all the vets in your area. Ask the vet if they can put a lost dog poster up in their surgery and leave your details with them to contact you, should your dog be brought in

  • Check you local buildings and areas. Ask your local shops if you can put a lost dog poster on their noticeboard

  • Visit places where you usually walk your dog; they may have just decided to walk themselves.

  • Look around your local area and if you have moved house recently, ask around at your last address

  • If there are any building sites or workmen in your area, speak to them in case your dog has become trapped somewhere on site

Neighbourhood Wardens
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