Empty Homes

Information on how Broxtowe Borough Council deals with empty homes.

Report an Empty Home

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Issues with Empty Homes

Empty homes can be a source of many problems. They can lead to increased fly-tipping, vandalism and other anti-social behaviour, potential squatting, as well as having a negative impact on property values and amenity in the immediate neighbourhood. They are also a wasted resource, not only in terms of the living accommodation which is lost, but in terms of the financial loss to the owner

What is Broxtowe Borough Council doing?

The council is taking the issue of empty homes very seriously. Its approach has been the subject of a review by the Overview and Scrutiny Committee which has resulted in the production of an Empty Home Strategy. The overall aim of this strategy is to return long term empty homes in the private sector back into use in the most appropriate way and in the shortest possible time. The strategy outlines the approach the council will take when dealing with empty homes. This includes identifying the homes, tracing the owners, giving advice and ultimately taking relevant enforcement action. The strategy contains key objectives, key tasks, and an action plan. The information on the strategy can be viewed by clicking on the link on the right of this screen. If you would like to receive a hard copy of the strategy, please telephone the Private Sector Housing Team.

How to report an empty home?

If you are aware of an empty home in Broxtowe, please tell us so that we can take steps to get it brought back into use. You can let us know in a number of ways:

  1. Electronically via the 'Empty Home Referral' online form.

  2. By telephoning the Private Sector Housing team.

  3. In writing to the Private Sector Housing team.

For further information please contact the Private Sector Housing team.

Private Sector Housing
tel: 0115 917 3438