Information on the Council’s current and closed consultations.

Your views are important to us and involving the public in our work through consultation is an integral part of our policy and decision-making process.

Why do we consult?

  1. It allows the Council and its strategic partners to tap the widest source of information possible and thus improve the quality of decisions reached.

  2. It alerts policy makers to any concerns and issues not picked up through existing evidence.

  3. It helps to monitor existing policy and whether changes are needed.

How we handle your personal data 

Except where otherwise stated, we will always withhold personal information such as addresses in line with the privacy policy of this website. Responses from people who have asked for confidentiality will not be published at all. 

Nottinghamshire Listens

Nottinghamshire County Council also runs a Nottinghamshire Listens Citizens' Panel (Opens in a New Window) which residents can join.

Open Consultations

List of Open Consultations
Consultation Details Closing Date
Budget Consultation

The Council is currently running is annual budget Council asking residents to rate services they receive from the Council and what services money should be spent on and where it should be saved.

Find out more about the Budget Consultation 2019.

This consultation is now closed and results will be made available shortly.

Proposed Introduction of Consolidated Civil Enforcement Off-Street Parking Places Order 2020


The Council consulted on a new order which will affect how civil enforcement is taken for parking contraventions and how its car parks are run. 

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View the Statement of Reasons (.pdf) (112KB) (Opens in a New Window)

View the Notice of Proposals (.pdf) (185KB) (Opens in a New Window)

View the Proposed Order (.pdf) (30.5MB) (Opens in a New Window)

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16 December 2019

Consultation Results

Closed Consultations 2019
Consultation Details Closing Date Results

Review of Malthouse Close/Knapp Avenue Eastwood PSPO

In order to continue to protect the quality of life of those within the area, Broxtowe Borough Council consulted for the review of the following Public Space Protection Order.

Footpath - from the rear entry of 5 Malthouse Close to its junction with the footpath between Knapp Avenue and Plumptre Way, Eastwood.

4th January 2019


Dog Exercise Area Consultation

Broxtowe Borough Council is considering the idea of a designated area for dog walkers to exercise their dogs.

After requests from dog walkers the Council investigated the demand for such an area.

18 August 2019


Tell Us About Your Local Park/Open Space 2019

Broxtowe residents were encouraged to get online and have their say on a selection of the parks and open spaces in Borough to help ensure they meet the ‘Broxtowe Standard’.

31 August 2019


STAR (Survey of Tenants & Residents)

As part of our commitment to developing and improving the services tenants and leaseholders receive from Broxtowe Borough Council’s Housing Department we conduct STAR every two years.

8 September 2019


Let's Talk Broxtowe

Residents were invited to have your say on Broxtowe's future and what the Council should focus on for the next few years.

1 October 2019


 Email Me Service

The Council asked users of the Email Me Service what they thought of it.

Results will be shared once they have been analysed.

 8 November


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