Your views are important to us and involving the public in our work through consultation is an integral part of our policy and decision-making process. Here you can view a full list of our open consultations.

You can also view the results of closed consultations and see what consultations the Council will be running over the coming months. 

Why do we consult?

  1. It allows the Council and its strategic partners to tap the widest source of information possible and thus improve the quality of decisions reached.

  2. It alerts policy makers to any concerns and issues not picked up through existing evidence.

  3. It helps to monitor existing policy and whether changes are needed.

How we handle your personal data 

Except where otherwise stated, we will always withhold personal information such as addresses in line with the privacy policy of this website. Responses from people who have asked for confidentiality will not be published at all. 

Nottinghamshire Listens

Nottinghamshire County Council also runs a Nottinghamshire Listens Citizens Panel which residents can join.

Open Consultations

Consultation Details Closing Date

STAR 2017 (Survey of Tenants & Residents)

As part of our commitment to developing and improving the services tenants and leaseholders receive from Broxtowe Borough Council’s Housing Department we conduct STAR every two years.


The results are taken into consideration when plans are being made for future service delivery. STAR is used by a large number of social landlords so we are able to compare the results of our survey against the results of other landlords to assess how we are performing in relation to them. Responses to the survey will be kept confidential. A reference number has been allocated to each tenant and leaseholder to enable a more detailed analysis of results to be carried out, for example at an area level. Only a small number of officers will have access to the data which links the unique reference number to your address. Unless
you state you wish to be contacted regarding the information you have provided the answers given will remain confidential.

Complete the STAR survey

You will be asked for your reference number, which was sent to you with the latest copy of the Housing newsletter, ‘Tenant & Leaseholder Matters’. You must only complete STAR if you live in a rented or leasehold property where you pay your rent or service charge to Broxtowe Borough Council.



Monday 31st July

Broxtowe Matters feedback survey 

We’d love to hear your thoughts on how we can improve Broxtowe Matters to make sure we produce the magazine you want to read. A copy of the questionnaire is printed on Page 23 of the June 2017 edition of the newsletter or you can complete it online.


Monday 31st July


Consultation Results

Consultation Details Closing Date Results

Stapleford Consultation for a Public Spaces Protection Order

Local residents were asked what they thought of a proposed Public Spaces Protection order in Stapleford


Tuesday 28th February 2017

Stapleford PSPO Consultation Results

Eastwood Consultation for an Extension to a Public Spaces Protection Order

Local residents were asked what they thought of a proposed Public Spaces Protection order in Eastwood


Tuesday 28th February 2017

Eastwood PSPO Consultation Results

Rate the Email Me Service 

Subscribers of the Email Me Service were asked to rate the service and provide feedback 

Sunday 30th April 2017

Email Me Consultation Results

Attachment 1

Attachment 2

New Website feedback survey 

Visitors to the website were asked for feedback on the recently redesigned website

Friday 31st March 2017

New Website Feedback Results



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