Historical Planning Documents

Details of the Councils Local Plans prior to the adoption of the Core Strategy in 2014 and other historical documents of interest.

1985 Broxtowe Local Plan

The 1985 Local Plan was the statutory Local Plan for Broxtowe.

1989 Green Belt Plan

The Nottinghamshire Green Belt Local Plan was adopted by the County Council on June 7th 1989.

This document established for the first time in Nottinghamshire, a final Green Belt line that had previously been identified only as 'Sketch Plan Green Belt' since 1955.

1994 Broxtowe Local Plan

This Local Plan was adopted on 28th April 1994 and replaced the previous Broxtowe Local Plan adopted in May 1985.

Kimberley Brewery Planning Brief

On 13th March 2007, the Council approved a planning brief for considering future planning proposals at the Kimberley Brewery. This followed the ceasing of brewery operations under the owners Greene King plc. The brief recognised the potential for some alternative development to employment but also ensured that the retention of employment opportunities within the site was a key issue.

The brief was intended to provide only broad planning guidelines. As the site lies within a Conservation Area, so permission would be required for any proposed demolition as well as new buildings.

Boots Statement of Development Principles

Nottingham City Council and Broxtowe Borough Council had jointly prepared a 'Statement of Development Principles' (SoDP) for the Beeston site in consultation with Alliance Boots Plc.  The purpose of the SoDP was to establish a set of development principles that will help to shape the Beeston site as it is regenerated over the next 20 years.

Beeston Town Centre Plan

The Beeston Town Centre Plan Supplementary Planning Document was adopted in June 2008. It is derived from a Masterplan prepared for the Council by consultants, to help advise on the future development of the town centre.

A Sustainability Appraisal (SA) was undertaken of a draft version of the Preferred Options Report and produced in December 2006.

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