Background Information

Core Strategy background


Each local planning authority is required to prepare plans to guide development.

The Core Strategy sets out what development will be required and broadly where it will go. We will work with local communities to produce more detailed plans on matters such as housing and employment sites.

The local authorities of Broxtowe, Erewash, Gedling and Nottingham City have been working together to produce an aligned and consistent strategy. Ashfield District Council and Rushcliffe Borough Council have also been involved in the work but are producing their own plans.

Preparation of the Broxtowe Core Strategy has already included consultation with the public, utility providers, businesses, developers and technical experts on matters such as highways, flood risk, water supply, employment land, retail and landscape. It has now reached a formal stage before it is submitted to an independent inspector to ensure that it is legal and sound.

Comments made during the representation period are classed as formal representations and will be considered by the Inspector when it is examined. These should be made on the form on the website or via paper copies.

Steps so far

The following documents have already been published and subject to consultation.

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