Council Tax Support Fund

Council tax levels are a matter for local authorities to decide although the government sets referendum principles so that residents can have the final say over excessive increases.

In the Autumn Statement 2022 the government announced its intention to increase referendum principles to 3% for core council tax and up to 2% for the Adult Social Care precept, with additional flexibilities for some other authority types for both 2023-24 and 2024-25.

Recognising the impact of rising bills, the government will be distributing £100 million of new grant funding in 2023-24 for local authorities to support economically vulnerable households in their area with council tax payments.

Funding will be allocated to councils based on their share of local council tax support claimants according to the latest data. The government expects local authorities to use the majority of their funding allocations to reduce bills for current working-age and pension-age Local Council Tax Support (LCTS) claimants by up to £25. Councils can use their remaining allocation as they see fit to support vulnerable households with council tax bills.

Broxtowe Borough Council will receive funding of £171,201 to support people in the Borough through the Council Tax Support Fund 2023/24.

Broxtowe Borough Council administers a Council Tax Support scheme that supports households on a low income in the Borough.  The scheme allows a potential maximum award of 100% against the Council Tax Liability.  This aspect of the scheme allows the Council to support households with a greater award than the proposed £25 by the government. 

Broxtowe Borough Council will award £85.00 per Council Tax Support claimant.  This award will be automatic and will take place at the creation of the 2023/24 Council Tax bills, commencing on 1 April 2023.  All amounts will be pro-rated based on the period of Council Tax Support entitlement.”

You can read the Council Tax Support Fund Policy(.pdf)(181KB)(Opens in a New Window)  for further details on this support fund.