Care Leavers

This page contains information regarding housing for care leavers.

If you are a care leaver you may be able to get housing and other help from Broxtowe Borough Council. The help you get mainly depends on your age.


The Council’s Role

The Council that last looked after you remains responsible for you even if you move to a different area. The Council must continue to give you any help you need, even if you move to another area.

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Housing help for 16 and 17 year old care leavers

In most cases, Nottinghamshire County Council is responsible for finding you somewhere to live until you turn 18.

However, you will be able to get help, including somewhere to live, from this Council if:

  • you have already left care
  • you have spent a total of at least 13 weeks in care since the age of 14
  • part of that time in care was while you were 16 or 17

You have different rights if you have spent less than a total of 13 weeks in care, or you want to leave care before your 16th birthday.

You can find support on the Citizens Advice website (Opens in a New Window), or you can use Shelter's Website (Opens in a New Window) to find your local Shelter advice centre.

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Housing help for 18 to 21 year-old care leavers

If you are aged 18 to 21, you can get help from Nottinghamshire County Council’s Children’s services (Opens in a New Window) who may be able to offer you support. If you are aged 18 to 21 and spent at least one night in care when you were 16 or 17, you are automatically classed as being in priority need until your 21st birthday and will be eligible for housing assistance with Broxtowe Borough Council. 

If you are in full-time further or higher education, Children’s Services must find you somewhere to live during holiday periods if you need it – and will provide support with training and education.

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Housing help for 21 year-old and above care leavers

Some older care leavers can get accommodation from this Council if they are in priority need. For example, this may be the case if you:

  • are vulnerable as a result of having been in care
  • haven't had a stable home since you left care
  • have slept on the streets in the past

If you are in full-time further or higher education and you have nowhere to stay outside term time Children’s services must also find you somewhere to live.

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Other support for care leavers aged 18 to 24

As a care leaver you should continue to receive help and advice from Nottinghamshire County Council until your 21st birthday, or 25th if you are still in education or training.

You can also gain assistance with education and training until your 25th birthday using Nottinghamshire County Council’s Children Services. (Opens in a New Window)

Ask Social Services (Opens in a New Window) to help you if you need support to continue with your education or find training or employment. They may be able to help with the cost of living near your college, training centre or workplace.

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Personal Advisers

 Before you leave care you're given a pathway plan by a personal adviser, setting out what support you might need to live independently.

Find out more from the website (Opens in a New Window) about pathway plans.

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Universal Credit

Usually, if you are aged 35 and under and you rent from a private landlord, the maximum Universal Credit you can get is the same rate you would get for renting a single room in a shared house.

But if you've been in care, this doesn't apply until you turn 22. You should be entitled to Universal Credit even if you have just spent one night in care. There is a maximum amount that you can be paid, which depends on the area you live in.

For more information about Universal Credit, please visit our Universal Credit webpage.

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Housing Options
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