Abandoned Vehicles

Information on how to report abandoned vehicles on public highways.

We have a statutory duty to remove and dispose of motor vehicles abandoned on "land, which is open to the air or on any other land forming part of the highway".

This duty applies to private open land, however we do not have authority to remove a vehicle from private land if the owner of the land objects within 15 days of a written notice.

Reporting Abandoned Vehicles

Report an abandoned vehicle online. (Opens in a New Window)

If you think a vehicle is abandoned you should report it to the council with the following information: 

  • Length of time the vehicle has been there;

  • Exact location of the vehicle, e.g. Outside No. 45 James Street, Kimberley;

  • Colour, make and model of vehicle, e.g. Red Ford Mondeo Saloon;

  • Registration number of vehicle, e.g. D321 ABC;

  • Any information about the possible owner/driver;

  • Has the vehicle sustained any damage to it, etc.; and

  • Are there any liquids escaping from it.

We will work with owners where ever possible but if a vehicle is deemed as abandoned it will have a notice put on it to get removed.

The day after the notice has expired the vehicle will be removed and destroyed. Vehicles in good condition may be stored whilst further efforts are made to trace the owner. To release the vehicle the owner must pay a fee to cover the costs for removal and storage. The Council will not be responsible for any possessions that are left in the vehicle.

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