'Graffiti' refers to any drawings, scribbles, messages or tags that are painted, written or carved on walls and other services. Graffiti is vandalism and it's become a really expensive problem.

Report It

Removing graffiti costs the UK over £1 billion a year. Graffiti on items such as bus shelters, electric boxes or telephone boxes is the responsibility of the companies who have erected them.

Graffiti is:

  • Illegal - and clearing it up costs money

  • Unsightly - graffiti is a sign of a neglected neighbourhood and is associated with increased levels of crime and the fear of crime.

What can I do about graffiti?

We can only remove graffiti if it's either: 

  • Offensive (e.g. contains language or images that are racist, homophobic, express religious intolerance of anything else that could be described as offensive).

  • On council owned property (e.g. public buildings, monuments, parks etc.)

Report graffiti vandals

If you see someone writing or painting graffiti, do not approach them, make a note of what you remember about the incident and report it to us. 

Graffiti on Private Property

Graffiti on private property is the responsibility of the land owner to get removed.

What does Broxtowe Borough Council do about graffiti?

The Council is constantly removing graffiti from the borough using the mobile teams. However the graffiti is appearing quicker than it can be removed in most instances. Steps are being taken to monitor graffiti levels and if the offenders are caught in action the council will pursue a prosecution. The council is also working alongside the Crime And Disorder section that in turn is working in partnership with the police to try and identify some of the taggers. (A tagger being someone who takes ownership of the same bit of graffiti, which is replicated, across the area).


Neighbourhood Wardens
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