Custom and Self Build Register

Custom and Self Build Register

Information to help you if you're interested in building or commissioning your own home.

The Government wants to enable more people to build or commission their own home. The self-build register will provide an indication of the demand for custom and self-build plots in Broxtowe and allow the Council to develop its housing and planning policies to support the kinds of custom and self-build projects that would be most appropriate.

What is custom and self-build?


  • Self-build one-off home: You manage the design and construction process and undertake a fair proportion of the actual building work too

  • Contractor built one-off home: You manage the design process, select a contractor and then they take care of the construction work

  • Kit home: You select your preferred kit home. You may have to organise the foundations; the kit home company then erects the house

  • Independent community collaboration: You work with others to acquire a site to split up into plots, then organise the design and construction of your own home

  • Supported community self-build group: A social landlord or the Community Self Build Agency helps you build a group of homes together

Custom Build

  • Developer built one-off home: A developer with a site and a design you like takes care of everything; to save costs, you could finish it yourself

  • Developer led group project: A developer organises a group and builds the homes; often, to save costs, the self-builders finish them off

Registering your interest for custom and self build

If you would like to register your interest, please complete the registration form. (Opens in a New Window)

To complete the form, you will need to know the location that you would be interested in building and provide information of your budget (including buying the plot and building a property).

Gedling Borough Council are hosting the Custom and Self Build Register (Opens in a New Window) on behalf of Broxtowe Borough Council so you will be taken to their website to complete the registration form.

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