Right to Buy

Right to Buy

This page contains information for Council tenants who are interested in purchasing their home.

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Overview of Right to Buy

If you have been a tenant with Broxtowe Borough Council or another social landlord for three years or more (this does not have to be in a row), you could qualify to buy under the Right to Buy scheme.

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Property Exemptions

Certain types of property are exempt from Right to Buy:

  • Dwellings that are particularly suitable for elderly people
  • Certain dwellings for disabled people
  • Dwellings for persons of pensionable age
  • Properties that are scheduled for demolition

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To find out if you are eligible for Right to Buy, take the Government’s Right to Buy Eligibility Quiz (Opens in a New Window). Right to Buy is only eligible for secure tenants.

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The longer you have been a tenant; the more discount you are entitled to from the market value of the property. The current maximum discount is £84,600. For full details of discounts, including the difference in discounts between houses and flats, visit the Government's Right to Buy Discounts webpage (Opens in a New Window).

We cannot give out estimated valuations over the telephone, as an independent external valuator is instructed to value your home once your Right to Buy application has been accepted.

Any improvements made by you to the property will be disregarded in the valuation.

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Things to Consider

When you apply and your application is accepted, you should receive a letter from us within 8 weeks for a house (12 weeks for a flat) which will let you know how much you will need to pay the Council for your home.

If the price is right, you need to seriously consider the advantages and disadvantages of buying your home. For full guidance on the potential costs and benefits of home ownership, please consult our Advantages and Disadvantages of Right To Buy Guide (.pdf) (208KB) (Opens in a New Window).

View help and advice from the Government on Right To Buy (Opens in a New Window).

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Delay Procedures

If you put in a Right to Buy application and believe the Council is delaying its progress, you may be entitled to some compensation. In this instance, please contact the Right to Buy team.

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How to Apply

You can obtain an application form from the Council Offices Reception, or call the Right to Buy team for an information pack to be sent out to you.

Alternatively, you can visit the Government’s Right to Buy website (Opens in a New Window) where you will find a copy of the Right to Buy application form.

If you would like further information about the Right to Buy scheme or to book an appointment, please contact the Right to Buy team.

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Buy Back Scheme

For information on the Buy Back Scheme for all Broxtowe Borough residents. 

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tel: 0115 917 7777