Crime and Community Safety

Crime and Community Safety

Information on how Broxtowe Borough Council helps in dealing with crime.

Community Safety covers a broad spread of issues for the local community, from reducing crime and anti-social behaviour to providing CCTV and security services at locations across the Borough.

The Communities Team works to address these issues in communities across Broxtowe.  The team also helps to run the South Nottinghamshire Community Safety Partnership and works closely with other organisations such as the Police to plan a strategic approach that will help tackle community safety issues across the borough.

The main areas of work covered by the Communities Team include:

  • Working with partners to reduce crime
  • Supporting drug and alcohol awareness and diversionary activities
  • Investigating and enforcing anti-social behaviour
  • Raising awareness of and reducing hate crime
  • Reducing risk and safeguarding vulnerable people
  • Enforcement of environmental ASB

For advice on dealing with specific types of crime, please visit Nottinghamshire Police's advice centre (Opens in a New Window).

tel: 0115 917 3492
Nottinghamshire Police
tel: 101