Corporate Plan

Read about the Council’s Corporate Plan for 2020-2024, which sets out our priorities over the next four years and what we’re going to do to achieve them.

The Plan was developed following our Let’s Talk Broxtowe consultation during summer 2019.

A cartoon of a family with a building and treesOur vision

A greener, safer, healthier Borough, where everyone prospers.

Our priorities

  • Housing – a good quality home for everyone
  • Business Growth – Invest in our towns and our people
  • Environment – Protect the environment for the future
  • Health – Support people to live well
  • Community Safety – A safe place for everyone

Our values

The word GREAT

The Council has a set of GREAT values to help us achieve this vision and priorities.

  • Going the extra mile - a strong, caring focus on the needs of all communities
  • Ready for change - innovation and readiness for change
  • Employees - valuing employees and enabling the active involvement of everyone
  • Always improving - continuous improvement and delivering value for money 
  • Transparent - integrity and professional competence 


Find out how we're progressing the plan on our Performance page.


View our full Corporate Plan Document (pdf) (1.89MB) (Opens in a new window)

Read how we're taking on board your feedback in our Let's Talk Broxtowe - What You Told Us Document (pdf) (1.14MB) (Opens in a new window).

View our Governance arrangements or find out how our objectives will be achieved and measured by looking at our Business Strategies, Plans & Policies

What you can do to help

A couple having a hot drinkHousing

  • If you’re living in a house that’s too big for your needs think about renting out some room to someone who needs housing.
  • If you’re a tenant, get involved in activities like estate walkabouts and resident involvement groups to help us improve the service for you and your neighbours.
  • If you’re a developer to whom we’ve granted planning permission for housing, get on and deliver much needed housing for the community.

Business Growth

  • Support your local town centre by using the shops and facilities there.
  • Keep learning! The higher skilled you are the better your chance of securing higher paid work.
  • If you’re a local business, provide opportunities for apprenticeship positions, training and work experience.

A man recycling


  • Take steps to promote your own health and wellbeing.
  • Be social. A healthy community is one where people volunteer and there are thriving local groups and societies in Broxtowe you can join.
  • Be active. Get out and about and enjoy the good quality environment we have in our Borough.


  • Reduce your use of plastic and use public transport where possible.
  • Recycle as much as you can and put the right items in your recycling bin to avoid contamination of recyclable materials.
  • Grow your own food, plant a tree or create a pond in your garden to encourage wildlife.

Community safety

  • Don’t be a bystander – if you see criminal activity report it to the Police, if you would prefer to report a crime anonymously contact Crimestoppers.
  • Get to know your neighbours and look out for them, especially if they are elderly or vulnerable.
  • Don’t mess with Broxtowe – clean up after your dog and don’t drop litter.

Customer Services
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