Review of Polling Districts and Polling Places

Review of Polling Districts and Polling Places

Information about the review of Polling Districts and Polling Places 2018.

At its meeting on 19 December 2018, the Council approved the recommendations of the Governance, Audit and Standards Committee regarding the designation of polling districts and polling places.

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Representations may be made to the Electoral Commission by -

(a) an interested authority in England and Wales;

(b) not less than 30 electors in the constituency;

(c) a person (other than the returning officer) who has made representations;

(d) a person who is not an elector in a constituency in the authority's area but who the Commission think has sufficient interest in the accessibility of disabled persons to polling places in the area or has particular expertise in relation to the access to premises or facilities of disabled persons.

that the review has not been conducted by the Council so as to—

(a) meet the reasonable requirements of the electors in the constituency or any body of those electors, or

(b) take sufficient account of the accessibility to disabled persons of polling stations within a designated polling place.

The Electoral Commission may may, if they think fit—

(a) direct the relevant authority to make any alterations to the polling places designated by the review which the Commission think necessary in the circumstances;

(b) if the authority fails to make the alterations before the end of the period of two months starting on the day the direction is given, make the alterations themselves.

Any alterations made by the Electoral Commission have effect as if they had been made by the Council.

For further information on the review contact the Head of Administrative Services or the Electoral Commission. (Opens in a New Window)

Head of Administrative Services
tel: 0115 917 3295