Environmental Permitting

If you carry out activities that can affect the environment and in particular affect emissions to air, water or land (Part A2) or air only (Part B) you must hold a permit for your installation or mobile plant from Broxtowe Borough Council. Varied processes require permitting for example the cremation of human remains, animal feed manufacture and vehicle spraying. Please note other processes may require permitting by the Environment Agency.

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Eligibility Criteria

You will not be granted a permit if Broxtowe Borough Council does not feel that you will ensure that the installation or plant will be operated in line with permit conditions.

Application Evaluation Process

Fees are payable for application and conditions will be attached.

Broxtowe Borough Council will take into account that all appropriate pollution control methods are taken, particularly through best available techniques and that no significant pollution is caused.

Broxtowe Borough Council may be required to give notice of your application to the petroleum licensing authority, the Environment agency or other bodies.

Your application will be processed within 3 months. 

If you do not receive the license, you will be not be able to trade.

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