Conservation Area Trees

Conservation Area Trees

Conservation Areas (CA's) are usually found in the most historic parts of this country's towns and villages. The buildings found within these CA's are usually of an historic nature and the trees have a very important place within these special areas.

In CA's you will often find very old trees, some as old or even older than the buildings. But it's not just these old trees that make a significant contribution. Younger trees that make up the bulk of the tree stock make the CA's green havens and ensure that they will remain green in years to come long after the veteran trees have gone.

The way the trees are protected in a CA is different to that of Tree Preservation Order (TPO). A CA is a clearly defined area within a settlement that usually encompasses many properties. Any tree within this defined boundary becomes subject to the protection of the CA.

In its simplest terms, a CA requires the person wishing to prune or fell a tree to give the Local Authority a period of 6 weeks by written notice of their intention to do such works.

During the 6 week period the Local Authority may make the tree the subject of a TPO and thereby fully protecting the tree as well as having more control over tree pruning operations.

Searches for properties in Conservation Areas

If you wish to find out whether a particular property is within a Conservation Area please contact the Tree Officer.

A search usually takes no longer than 5 minutes after you have given the address of where you wish the search to be made.

Works to Conservation Area Trees

Owners of Conservation Area protected trees have the right to apply for permission to undertake pruning works or fell a protected tree.

Application forms are simple to complete and there is no charge made by the council to process an application.

  • All reasonable requests for pruning will be considered as we prefer to encourage good tree husbandry that benefits both the tree and its owner

  • Applications for work should be for recognised tree pruning operations. Guidance notes are included with the application form but we recommend that wherever possible the advice of a qualified, competent and insured arborist be sought prior to submitting the form. Advice on selecting a contractor is also available on this site.

  • With large protected trees we recommend that you have the tree thoroughly inspected at least once every five years by an arboricultural consultant for safety.

Download and print the Application Form to carry out Works to Protected Trees. (.pdf) (131KB) (Opens in a New Window)

View the Advice on Completing Applications for Tree Preservation Order or Conservation Area Tree Works. (.pdf) (633KB) (Opens in a New Window)

Please print the form, complete and return to us as soon as possible.

Upon receipt of your application we will send you acknowledgement of the application. We aim to process applications in 10 working days, however, we have a period of six weeks in which to fully consider some applications.

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