Business Support and Advice

Broxtowe Borough Council is dedicated to supporting businesses of all sizes to flourish in Broxtowe. This page summarises the places where you can find support through the Council and other local organisations.

Business Advice

We will signpost you to partner organisations that can provide business support, advice and guidance. 

Find out more on our Business Advice page (Opens in a new window).

Business Bulletin

The Council sends out a fortnightly Business Bulletin that includes opportunities and events for businesses and those looking for training. We recommend businesses and those interested in starting a business signing up to this to get regular updates about events and support in the area. You can sign up using the Email Me service (Opens in a new window).

Grants and Funding

We will signpost you to all of the different business funding opportunities,.

Find out more on our Grants and Funding page.

Jobs Skills and Training

We offer an extensive list of the different training organisations within the locality and further afield for your workforce development needs.

Find out more on our Skills, Employment and Training Organisations page.

Sustainable Business

Advice and support on reducing your carbon footprint as a local business can be found on our Sustainable Business page. 

Supplying the Council

If you are looking to supply the Council, then please visit our Doing Business With The Council page.

Brexit Guidance

For more information on how new Brexit rules will affect your business, please visit the Government's Brexit guidance pages (Opens in a new window).


Historic information and guidance for businesses regarding Covid-19 has been listed here so that this information can be reviewed if needed. 

Living with COVID-19 Plan

The government's plan can be found here  - Response: Living with COVID-19 (Opens in a new window).

Recovery Loan Scheme (RLS)

The Recovery Loan Scheme ran between 6 April 2021 and 30 June 2022.  The RLS was administered directly by Government, not the Council.

For more information please visit the Government's Recovery Loan Scheme (RLS) guidance for businesses (Opens in a new window).

Historic COVID-19 business support grants

The information is currently retained on this webpage so that businesses may review any eligibility or payment amount queries in relation to those legacy schemes independently. For further enquiries in relation to any of the schemes please email

Grant support schemes now closed to applications:

  • Local Restrictions Support Grant (Open) - Tier 2, Oct 2020
  • Local Restrictions Support Grant (Closed) - Tier 3, Oct-Nov 2020
  • Tier 3 Closed and Tier 3 Open - from 2nd Dec to 16th Dec 2020
  • Local Restrictions Support Grants (Closed) Addendum - National Restrictions, 5th Nov 2020
  • Local Restrictions Support Grant (Closed) - Tier 3 Open from 2nd Dec 2020
  • Tier 4 Closed - 1st Dec 2020 - 4th Jan 2021
  • National Lockdown Grant (Closed) - from 5th Jan 2021
  • Christmas Grant Support for ‘Wet Led’ Pubs
  • Local Restrictions Support Grant (Sector)
  • Additional Restrictions Grant (ARG) - Up to 14th Feb 2021 Only
  • National Restrictions Grant - 16th Feb to 31st Mar 2021
  • Additional Restrictions Grant (ARG) - From 1st April - 31st May 2021
  • Restart Grant (both strands) - From 1st April - 30th June 2021
  • Additional Restrictions Grant (ARG) - From 21st Jan - 4th Mar 2022
  • Omicron Hospitality and Leisure Grant (OHLG) - closed 18 Mar 2022

Supplementary guidance and information for retired grant schemes

For more information about the above historic business support grants, please see Appendix B of - The Broxtowe Borough (BBC) Covid Business Grants Support Policy, Guidance Notes and Checklist - July 2021 revision (.pdf) (229KB) (Opens in a new window).

Additional Restrictions Grant (ARG) schemes up to 31 May 2021, please see – Additional Restrictions Grant (ARG) Guidance, post April 2021 (.pdf) (152KB) (Opens in a new window).

Final Additional Restrictions Grant (ARG) phase, up to 4 March 2022, please see - Additional Restrictions Grant , Phase 6 - February Guidance (.pdf) (420KB) (Opens in a new window).

Amounts paid under these retired schemes can also be found here - Business Support Grants Payments Table (.pdf) (48.8KB) (Opens in a new window).