Freedom Parade 2024

Information about the 2024 Freedom of Entry Parade, which will take place in Stapleford.

Saturday 29 June, 11.00am, Stapleford Town Centre

Saturday 29 June will mark an historic day in Stapleford, as soldiers and veterans from the Royal Engineers Works Groups march through the town centre to exercise their Freedom of the Borough and celebrate Armed Forces Day.

The parade will also be a part of Broxtowe’s commemorations for the 80th anniversary of D-Day.

Residents and businesses are urged to take to the streets to cheer on its Army heroes as they march through the town at 11.00am.

The parade, will fall on Armed Forces Day and is an opportunity for the unit to exercise their Freedom of the Borough, which was bestowed on them in 2009 under their previous title of 170 (Infrastructure Support) Engineer Group, earlier this year they have been officially re-awarded their Freeman status under their new title.

Freedom of Entry allows military units to march through the borough in recognition of their outstanding achievements, commitment and dedication in the service of this country and as an expression of the high regard in which they are held by the Council and members of the community.

The parade is being organised by Broxtowe Borough Council and Stapleford Town Council, with support from local organisations.

As the route will be closed for the Parade there will be some traffic disruption and Halls Road car park will also be closed.

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