Nuthall Neighbourhood Plan

Nuthall Neighbourhood Plan

Nuthall Parish Council has produced a Neighbourhood Plan for the Parish of Nuthall

Nuthall Neighbourhood Plan

Nuthall Parish Council has created a Neighbourhood Plan (.pdf) (3.86MB) (Opens in a New Window) and Policies Map (.pdf) (1.6MB) (Opens in a New Window) for Nuthall Parish. Following a Referendum held in December 2018 (the outcome of which is detailed in the Final Decision Statement (.pdf) (95KB) (Opens in a New Window)) the Nuthall Neighbourhood Plan has been 'made' and will therefore be used when making decisions on planning applications within the Parish of Nuthall, alongside Broxtowe Borough Council's Local Plan.

Background Information 

Nuthall Parish Council began the Neighbourhood Plan process when they successfully applied to be a designated Neighbourhood Area, which was approved (.pdf) (257KB) (Opens in a New Window)  by the Borough Council in September 2014.

The Parish Council submitted its proposed Neighbourhood Plan and Supporting Documents (.pdf) (12.3MB) (Opens in a New Window) (Submission Versions) to Broxtowe Borough Council in January 2018. Consultation on the Neighbourhood Plan took place between February and April 2018.

In July 2018, the Nuthall Neighbourhood Plan was submitted for Independent Examination and the Examiner's Final Report (.pdf) (374KB) (Opens in a New Window) was received in October 2018.

A Jobs & Economy Committee resolved that the Nuthall Neighbourhood Plan should proceed to Referendum. The details of this can be viewed in our Decision Statement. (.pdf) (2MB) (Opens in a New Window)

Planning Policy
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