Neighbourhood Inspections

This page contains information on Neighbourhood Inspections in your area.

Broxtowe Borough Council tenants and leaseholders are invited to have a walkabout with Neighbourhood Coordinators in their local area, which will enable you to have your say on what matters most to you, such as highlighting areas that may require improvement.

Neighbourhood Inspections are an important part of the work we do as they give us knowledge of local issues. They help to ensure general areas of the Borough are kept tidy, fly tipping is removed and repairs reported.

Neighbourhood Inspections will last for around two hours. They are arranged throughout the year and we aim to visit all areas of the Borough where there are council owned properties.

Inspection Area Location Meeting Point Time Date
Ribblesdale Court Chilwell  In the big open carpark at the bottom of Ribblesdale. 10am 01/09/2023
Croft Crescent, Main St Awsowth, Stration Road Awsworth Croft Crescent 10am 05/09/2023
Copeland Avenue, Wesley Place, Saville Close, Tevery Close, Whiteley Close, Dalley Close Stapleford The Green/Gardens outside 5-8 (the houses) / 9 -11 Tevery Close (the flats). 1pm 05/09/2023
Abbey Road, Beeston Beeston Abbey Road 10am 06/09/2023
Gibbons Avenue, Eatons Road Stapleford Meet at the top of the hill, on the bend outside number 22 Gibbons Avenue 10am 20/09/2023
Broad Lane Brinsley, Clumber Avenue Brinsley Broad Lane Brinsley 10am 28/09/2023
Croft Crescent, Main St Awsworth, Station Road Awsworth Croft Crescent 10am 05/09/2023
Rathvale Court Chilwell  Carpark at the top of Rathvale Court, on Ulldale Court. 1pm 12/09/2023
Webster Avenue and Stanley Court Eastwood Car Park at Stanley Court 10.30am 19/09/2023
Patterdale Court Chilwell  On the grass next to the layby outside Patterdale Court. 11am 27/09/2023


tel: 0115 917 3400