Household Electoral Registration Canvass

Household Electoral Registration Canvass

Each year we write to every household in the borough to check whether we have the correct people registered to vote and to ask you to inform us of any changes.

From this year, the Government has changed the household canvass process to make it easier for householders. We will be contacting every household as usual but instead of everyone receiving the usual form, you may receive:

  • an email;
  • a letter or form.

You must read the information you receive carefully, as it will give details of what you need to do, if anything. If you have to respond, please do so as soon as possible to avoid us having to send you further reminders.

Email Correspondence

Emails will be sent between 25 August and 1 September 2020 and the address of the sender of the email will be The email will include a link to the Broxtowe Borough Council online response service and the unique security code details for your address.

Correspondence by Letter

Households we contact by letter should receive their correspondence by mid September.  The letter will show the details currently held on the electoral register.

Respond Online

If the email, letter or form tells you that you MUST respond, please consider updating or confirming your details online as soon as possible using the Broxtowe Borough Council online response service (opens in a new window).  This is a secure website run on behalf of the Council and other local authorities.

All the details you will need to use the service will be provided on your email/letter.

If you add an elector to your household, they will also need to complete an application to register to vote online (opens in a new window).

If you do not respond

This year’s canvass is taking place during a challenging public health time. We are working to ensure that we take account of public health guidelines, including the continued importance of social distancing.

If you do not respond as requested, we may contact you by telephone or you may receive a house visit from one of our canvassers to ask you to confirm your household details. We will only send canvassers to properties if it is safe to do so.

View our Frequently Asked Questions page for further information about the Annual Household Registration Canvass.

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