Dangerous Waste

Dangerous Waste

Information on dangerous waste

Reporting Dangerous Waste

You can report Dangerous Waste online. (Opens in a New Window)

Needles, syringes and drug related waste

Needles, syringes and other related items are being increasingly discarded in streets, litter bins and parks etc. There are a number of hazards associated with handling these, do not attempt to clear these items yourself.

If you find needles or similar items in a public place such as on a pavement report to us as soon as possible to have them safely removed.


Spillages on the highway can lead to road traffic accidents, if a spillage is causing a hazard to road users then the police should be informed in the fist instance. Do not attempt to stop on the highway to gather details if you have driven over the spillage but try and stop at a safe location and contact the police who will in turn contact the council or fire service depending on the severity of the spillage.

It is important to provided the following information

  • Exact Location of spillage

  • Type of material involved i.e. mud, diesel

  • Rough indication of the amount

  • Any other road users that may have been effected

If you see the person responsible for the spillage please try and provide a description along with a registration number.

Other incidents where no immediate hazard is posed should be reported to Broxtowe Borough Council. We will clear up the spillage and investigate its cause.

We do not have a duty to sweep or clear spillages on private roads or other areas, such as office car parks, garage site etc. These should be notified to the owner/company.

tel: 0115 917 7777