Housing Delivery

Housing Delivery

This page contains information about the Council's plans for Housing Delivery.

A new build houseWhat is the Housing Delivery Plan?

In 2019, the Council approved a new Housing Delivery Plan to meet social and affordable housing need over the next ten years.

This followed a study by GL Hearn on Social and Affordable Housing Need which concluded that there was a notable need for affordable housing and that provision of new affordable housing was an important and pressing issue in the Borough.

The plan will see a minimum of 230 homes built in the Borough over the next 10 years on land which the Council owns, including brownfield, under-utilised and derelict sites.

It also sets out plans to:

  • Buy back existing properties that were once Council homes.
  • Re-model existing under-used accommodation.
  • Work in partnership with local registered providers to build homes.
  • Deliver the Council’s own new build development.
  • Meeting the needs of an ageing population and those with conditions such as dementia.

The Delivery Plan is divided into three phases which each use a combination of the above delivery mechanisms:

  • Phase 1 - Years 1 and 2 (2019 - 2021)
  • Phase 2 - Years 3 to 5 (2021 - 2024)
  • Phase 3 - Years 5 onwards (2024 onwards)

View the Housing Delivery Plan in full  (pdf) (434.5kb) (Opens in a New Window)

Current projects

Outside of one of the new dementia bungalowsDementia Bungalows, Beeston

Two new dementia friendly bungalows have been completed.

The bungalows, have been specially designed to support the needs of those affected by dementia and their carers, including:

  • Open plan living with good visual connection of spaces.
  • Covered entrance with improved security and observation.
  • Large entrance hall
  • Kitchen and dining area is integrated into the living area with good natural daylight.
  • An external charging point for a mobility scooter is available in the secure area at the back of the property.
  • Sheltered rear space allows enjoyment and activity outside.
  • A raised area for planting encourages outdoor activity that will maximise sunlight exposure and the manufacture of vitamin D.
  • All rooms, apart from the visitors’ WC, offer views for light and sense of orientation. Additional storage room.
  • Detailed design will address visual clarity, appropriate colours & contrasts, ergonomic handles/supports and a variety of visual keys.
  • Wheelchair accessible including a wheelchair compliant wet room and scope for some lowered kitchen worktops for food preparation.
  • The properties have also been built to high energy efficiency standards and include photovoltaic panels and air source heat pumps with under floor heating to help us with our target to become carbon neutral by 2027.
  • The Council already has existing dementia friendly bungalows in Beeston and Eastwood.

Ex Service Personnel Accommodation, Oakfield Road, Stapleford

Following consultation with the local community, work has begun on the construction of five, one bedroom homes on the garage site between 71 and 83 Oakfield Road.

The flats are due to be completed by the end of the year and have been designed to help address the difficulties that many ex-service personnel can face which make it difficult for them access adequate housing.

The Council is also working with a locally based armed forces charity to ensure that bespoke support is provided to the new residents.

Fishpond Cottage, Bramcote

Following a consultation with local residents, a planning application has been submitted for two houses, one wheelchair family bungalow and two flats. The application does not propose to demolish the cottage. If approved, work could start on site later in 2021.

Chilwell/Watnall Garage Sites

Phase 1 of the Housing Delivery Plan identified several garage sites to be developed in the Borough in 2021/22 and a resident consultation event was recently carried out on four of these sites. 

  • Felton Close, Chilwell 
  • Gayrigg Court, Chilwell 
  • Selside Court, Chilwell 
  • Chilton Drive, Watnall 

Following a thorough review of the comments from the consultation, it is anticipated that planning applications for these four sites will be submitted later in 2021.

Bramcote Crematorium

The Council is in negotiations with a local house builder to build 35 new rented homes and 18 shared ownership homes on land to the west of Coventry Lane, Bramcote.  Subject to a successful conclusion to the negotiations, it is anticipated that a reserved matters approval for the affordable housing will be submitted later this year. 

Acquisition of existing properties (Buy Backs)

Nine former right to buy properties have been bought back since April 2020, with more in the pipeline to be purchased over the next 12 months. Once back in Council ownership, the properties can be used to provide housing for those on the Council’s housing waiting list.

If you would like to discuss your own property, please contact the Housing Acquisitions Officer or email acquisitions@broxtowe.gov.uk 


A consultation exercise was held in October 2020 with residents at 15A & B, and 17A, B, C & D Great Hoggett Drive, Chilwell, about reducing the rear communal gardens to these properties.  The rear of 15A, B, C, D & 17A and B has been identified for redevelopment for new housing to help address the Borough’s current and future housing needs. 

As part of the development the Council’s proposal is to reduce the rear gardens by approximately 11m.  The representations made to the Council during the consultation period were presented to Housing Committee for consideration on the 2nd February 2021 and the proposal to reduce the garden size of the properties at blocks 15 and 17 Great Hoggett Drive was approved.  A planning application will be submitted in 2022 to develop this land.

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