Live Well

Information and advice on living well in Broxtowe.

Live Well Together logoYour wellbeing is affected by lots of different factors.

In Broxtowe, we want to support all residents to live well, whether that’s adopting a healthier diet, moving a little more or getting support with mental health or other issues which affect your wellbeing.

On this page you will find useful links to help and advice on a range of different things, which can help you to improve your health and wellbeing.

Keeping active and healthy

Advice and support to keep active, no matter what your ability, as well as tips on healthy eating and losing weight.

Visit our keeping active and healthy page.

Stopping smoking, drugs and alcohol

Services and tools to help you give up smoking, drink less or support you with substance abuse.

Visit our smoking, drugs and alcohol page.

Mental health

Advice and support on looking after your mental health and supporting those with mental health issues.

Visit our mental health page.

Children and young people

Advice on keeping your family healthy and happy and giving them the best start in life.

Visit our children and young people page.

Everyday living

Information about keeping yourself well during everyday life including money and housing issues.

Visit our everyday living page.

Cost of Living

Information and advice on measures to help you with the cost of living.

Visit our cost of living page.

Meeting people and community life

Groups and volunteering opportunities to meet and connect with others, which can make life feel a little easier.

Visit our meeting people page.

Health and Wellbeing Hubs

Pop up health and wellbeing hubs take place across the County.

Visit our Health and Wellbeing Hubs page.