Broxtowe Borough Partnership

Broxtowe Borough Partnership

Broxtowe Borough Partnership is the Local Strategic Partnership (LSP) for the borough of Broxtowe.

The Partnership is built in the spirit of co-operation, with members who are committed to working together towards the same objectives.  This means that it is an organisation that brings together people from the public, private, voluntary and community sectors so that they can work together to improve the quality of life for all who live, work and play in Broxtowe.

By working together, the Partnership members believe:

  • We can improve the quality of life for everybody in Broxtowe

  • We can reduce the inequalities that exist locally and create a more inclusive borough

  • Services can work better and more efficiently and be delivered in ways which better meet local demand

Broxtowe Borough Partnership Board and Operations Group

The Board is the decision-making body for the Broxtowe Borough Partnership.  Its members come from across the public, private, voluntary, community and faith sectors.

Task Groups

The Task Groups are responsible for carrying out the actions that will meet the goals and targets identified in the Sustainable Community Strategy.  Their focus is on carrying out tasks and finishing them.  Sometimes, they establish Sub Groups to look at specific issues or projects.

The main Task Groups are:

  • Broxtowe Health Partnership

  • Children and Young People

tel: 0115 917 3492