Garden Waste Collections

Garden Waste Collections

Information about the garden waste collection service and how you can subscribe.

Service Update

We are having a few technical issues regarding the following:

  • Paying for your Garden Waste Subscription - We are currently facing technical difficulties in processing the garden waste subscription payments.  We are hoping to have this working as soon as possible.  Please try again tomorrow if you have not been able to make the transaction today.
  • Subscription and start of service - Please note it can take a while for it to be registered on the system for your garden waste to be collected. Therefore, if you pay for your garden waste subscription and the collection starts the next day, our systems will not recognise this which will result in your bin not being collected.
  • Low stock on brown lidded bins - We currently are running low on the brown lidded bins.  Should we have none left to meet demand, our contingency is to provide subscribers with a different coloured lid bin which we will mark 'Garden Waste' on it.   If you receive this bin, please place your garden waste sticker on this bin.     

New Bin Deliveries

We know that some of our residents have paid for their garden waste collection and haven’t yet received their new bin. Unfortunately, we have experienced an issue with receiving new stock of bins. However, this has now been resolved and currently there is a wait of around 10 days on the delivery of a new bin, although our teams are working hard to get these out sooner if they can. We appreciate the patience of our residents at this time.

Garden Waste Stickers 2020/21

Due to the present situation you may not receive your 2020/21 subscription sticker before the new season starts on the 30th March.  We will still have the information that you have a valid subscription for the 2020/21 season showing on the incab unit so please place your bin out and we will continue with your collections.  Once you’ve received your sticker/s please place this on your bin/s.

What does the subscription include?Person kneeling on the grass doing some gardening

  • Collections are all year round – fortnightly April to the end of November and in March, then monthly in December, January and February when there is less garden waste to dispose of.
  • A hassle-free solution in comparison to taking your garden waste to the Local Household Waste and Recycling Site
  • A sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to garden waste disposal.

What can go in the Brown-Lidded Garden Bin?

Waste Options for Garden Waste Bin
We Collect We Don't Collect



Grass cuttings

Fruit and Vegetables (even if they are grown in the garden)


General food waste


Soiled animal bedding

Cut flowers or house plants

Animal waste

Hedge trimmings

Plastic plant pots

How much does it cost?

2020/21 Garden Waste Subscription  Fees

The cost for the 2020/21 garden waste subscriptions are

  • £34 for 1 brown-lidded bin
  • £18 for each additional bin

2020/21 subscription stickers will be posted to you. The subscription sticker should be fixed to a clean area on the back of the bin below the handle. 

Please present bins by so that the subscription sticker can be seen from the road. They should be out by 6.30am with the lid closed. No side waste will be taken.

Collections take place on the same day as your green-lidded recycling bin and these are shown on your bin calendar or via the when is my collection search tool. (Opens in a New Window)

How to pay

Online - You can pay online here.    

Telephone - You can also pay by debit or credit card by calling 0115 917 7777 and selecting option 4, followed by option 1.

Single payments only (one bin) - You can use our automated telephone payment line to pay with a debit card. Call FREEPHONE 0800 952 0040 and select option 8.  You’ll then be asked to enter your subscription reference number which can be found on the front of your garden waste subscription letter.

Sharing your bin with neighbours

We accept no responsibility for personal agreements made between neighbours.

We will need the address of one of the properties to log on our system when payment is made. That same address will be on the sticker to be attached to the bin and the bin must be placed outside the property which has subscribed to the service.

tel: 0115 917 7777