Glass Collection

Glass Collection

Information about glass collections.

Collection Glass in green bag

New glass bag requests

Unfortunately there has been a delay in receiving new stock of glass bags, we are expecting to take delivery later this week, the week of the 14th June 2021.

As soon as we have them back in stock, our teams will be out delivering them to those that have put in a request. Apologies for the inconvenience that has been caused by this.

Glass bags

Glass is collected on a four week cycle using a glass bag.

You can have up to four glass bags at your property.

Order additional bags using our Additional Bin Request Form (Opens in a New Window).

Red-lidded glass bin

Red-lidded bin

You can also purchase the use of a 140L red-lidded glass bin for a one-off administration and delivery charge of £28.

You can order a bin using the Additional Bin Request Form (Opens in a New Window).

Other ways to recycle glass

You can also take your glass to a Household Recycling Site.

What can be recycled using the kerbside glass bag

What can and cannot be recycled for the Glass Collections
Yes Please No Thank you

Beer bottles

Light bulbs

Glass bottles

Broken glass

Wine bottles

Drinks glasses

Spirit bottles


Sauce bottles

Window glass

Jam jars


Pickle jars


Medicine bottles

Fluorescent tubes

What happens to the glass? 

The glass collected from your house will be taken to the Council's Work depot at Kimberley. The material is then bulked and taken to the glass processor.  

The glass will then be recycled into more bottles and jars or it is used as an aggregate for road building.

tel: 0115 917 7777