Recycling Bin

What can you recycle, where does it go and when is my collection?

I have received a contamination tag on my green-lidded bin?

If your bin was missed and has a contamination tag on the handle it is because it contains items that cannot be recycled in our Borough.

Contamination tag on green-lidded recycling bin

Putting the wrong items in your recycling bins can lead to problems down the line, sometimes items can cause damage to bin lorries or the machinery at the Materials Recovery Facility and certain contaminants can effect the fate of good quality recyclables inside of the bin lorry. Here are some examples of incorrect items:

  • Food waste
  • Pizza boxes - grease counts as food waste
  • Bagged waste - keep your recycling loose, clean and dry
  • Nappies and sanitary wear
  • Incorrect plastic - this is anything other than the plastics listed in the table below.
  • Glass - this must go in a Broxtowe branded glass bag or red-lidded bin
  • Tetra Pak cartons - such as juice cartons, long life milk and milk-alternative cartons

What can you do now?

Remove the incorrect items if you can do so. If you are unable to wait until your next collection please report online via the Report a Missed Collection form (Opens in a New Window) and we can collect it. 

Green-lidded bin graphic

What goes in your green-lidded recycling bin?

Items put in the green-lidded recycling bin must be loose, clean and dry. If recycling is bagged, it could be left unemptied as thin plastic liners are not recyclable and can damage machinery at the sorting facility.

The items that can be recycled at our Materials Recovery Facility in Mansfield (MRF) (Opens new window) will differ from other cities. This means that recycling icons found on packaging may not always be applicable in your Borough. So please check on the website or your bin stickers(Opens in a New Window) to find out, or if in doubt, leave it out! 

See the list below for items that we can recycle in Broxtowe Borough Council.


Items that can be recycled
Plastic Paper and Card Tins and Cans

Milk/drinks bottles (flattened, lid on)

Paper (receipt size or larger)

Steel food tins 

Toiletry bottles (pumps can't yet be recycled)

Cardboard (e.g. cereal boxes)

Aluminum drinks cans

Cleaning product bottles (pumps can't yet be recycled)

Envelopes (including windowed)

Empty aerosol cans

Yoghurt pots

Newspapers/magazines/junk mail


Margarine/butter tubs



When is my collection?

Your green-lidded recycling bin is collected once every two weeks.

Your collection days can be found on your bin calendar or via the When Is My Collection search (Opens in a New Window).

Please place your bins at the edge of the curtilage of your property with the lid shut by 6:30am on your bin collection day.

Avoid placing recyclables beside your green-lidded bin as these may not be taken as they need to be clean and dry. 

Do you recycle a lot?

Residents can have the use of up to two free green-lidded recycling bins. Order an additional recycling bin using our online Additional Bin Request Form (Opens in a new Window).

These are NOT allowed in the green-lidded bin:

Anything not listed above should not be put in the green-lidded recycling bin. If in doubt leave it out!

  • Glass
  • Tetrapak cartons (e.g. juice cartons, UHT milk)
  • Shredded paper 
  • Clean foil and foil trays
  • Ice-cream tubs
  • Carrier bags
  • Polythene
  • Polystyrene
  • Toys
  • Plant pots
  • Kitchen roll/Tissues
  • Plastics food trays
  • Empty pizza boxes
  • Tissues
  • Clothing
  • Hose pipes
  • Beverage Cartons
  • Sweet/biscuit tins

tel: 0115 917 7777