Two Former Youth Mayors Representing the Community as Local Councillors

03/01/24 - Two former Broxtowe Youth Mayors are now serving local people after being elected as Local Councillors. They now want to inspire other young people to get involved in Broxtowe’s Youth Voice.

Councillor William Mee, a Labour Councillor for Kimberley and Councillor Adam Stockwell, a Conservative Councillor for Greasley were elected to Broxtowe Borough Council in May 2023.Councillors Stockwell and Mee

Despite their political differences, they are now working with Officers and Partners to encourage other young people to follow in their footsteps and get involved in local democracy.

Councillor Stockwell served as Broxtowe Youth Mayor in 2012/13 and went on to be elected on to the Borough Council in 2015. He was elected for a second time in May. He said: “Being the Youth Mayor gives you a wonderful chance to understand local government and the local area. By speaking at full council meetings, you are given a unique voice as a young person to be heard on the important matters affecting us in Broxtowe and be heard by those decision makers. I had the opportunity to attend multiple events around the Borough, meeting so many people. This scheme gave me experience in public speaking, speech writing & helped build my confidence. Come give it a go and join us in being the voice young people of Broxtowe need and deserve.”

Councillor Mee served as Broxtowe Youth Mayor in 2018/19 and said: “The Youth Mayor scheme is fantastic for young people to learn about local government, it allows you to attend the full council meeting, you are able to meet all the Councillors and attend many amazing events. Doing the scheme allowed me to feel more confident in running for a Council seat as I had an understanding of the system prior to my election. Get involved and represent the young people of Broxtowe!”

The next Broxtowe Youth Mayor will be elected in spring 2024.

If you would like to join Broxtowe Youth Voice, please get in touch with Amy Beckworth by emailing 

Electoral Services
tel: 0115 917 3294