Single Use Plastics

Single use plastics have a harmful affect on our wildlife and environment. We want to make a difference together to reduce these types of plastics with environmentally friendly alternatives.

What are single use plastics?

Plastic cup on the floor as litter

Single use plastic may have a temporary advantage of being useful but a long term disadvantage to our environment. Single use plastics are not recyclable, hence why they are called single use. They are damaging the planet’s environment.

As a council we are taking steps to reduce the amount of single-use plastic that we use. Additionally, as individuals there are a few simple steps that we can take to cut down how much we use.

Our action

We are currently auditing our use of single-use plastic to identify ways in which we can reduce our reliance on them.  From this we will look at what environmentally alternatives are available. 

Our action together

Here are just a few ideas to help reduce how much single-use plastic we use:

  • Use a refillable water bottle
  • Use a reusable coffee cup rather than takeaway ones, which often contain plastic
  • Don't use straws unless you need to
  • When shopping, take reusable bags
  • Use your own cutlery or sustainable alternatives
  • avoid using single-use condiment sachets
  • Buy fruit and vegetables without plastic wrappers. 

Small steps can make a big difference. 

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