Clinical Waste

Clinical Waste

Domestic clinical waste information including incontinence products, syringes, needles, used dressings/bandages or any item which may be soiled by blood or bodily fluids.
It is very important that this type of waste is assessed and categorised by a medical professional to ensure it is disposed of appropriately. Collection is normally arranged as a result of a referral by the hospital, GP or Health Visitor.

How do I obtain the service?

To arrange this service please contact Customer Services details are given below. A customer services advisor will take your name, address and the name and address of your healthcare professional

  • This information is passed to the County Council in their position as the Waste Disposal Authority who operate a screening process in accordance with current national guidelines

  • They will send a form to your stated healthcare professional to determine the category of waste you produce

  • The completed form is then returned to the County Council who will inform Broxtowe Borough Council on how the waste needs to be managed. Broxtowe Borough Council will then inform you of the collection method allocated for the waste you produced

  • Records of a customer's collection remain confidential and remain with the County Council

Guidelines on the use of our service

If the waste has been categorised as hazardous/Infectious the following applies:

  • You will be given orange sacks and the waste will be collected weekly

  • Sacks must be left in an outside location on the day of collection by 6.30am

  • A new sack will be left when the full one is collected.  The Council can suspend collection for short periods of time if requested to do so, e.g. if you go on holiday or to hospital

  • Any sharp instruments or needles must be placed in special containers known as sharp boxes regardless of the collection method for any other clinical waste. These can be obtained from Broxtowe Borough Council

The sack must be tied at the top and not weigh more than 4kg (two thirds full). If the waste has been given the category of non hazardous/offensive it needs to be wrapped (free of solids/liquids were possible) and placed in the black bin for collection with the general residual waste

Please contact us if you require further information and/or extra bin capacity.

tel: 0115 917 7777