Broxtowe Borough to discuss remedial works at Chilwell Quarry

26/01/24 - Residents will be aware of the recent landslide due to adverse weather conditions at the Chilwell Quarry site in October 2023, and Broxtowe Borough Council understand that this is very concerning for residents who live close to the site.

The Council take this issue very seriously and will discuss remedial works at Chilwell Quarry at its Cabinet meeting next month (6 February).

Members will discuss rock face stabilisation works which are required at the site, on Leamington Road.

Following reports of a mudslide due to severe rainfall in October, the Council instructed independent engineers to undertake an initial inspection. Following the inspection, it is the view of the engineers that ongoing erosion is likely if no action is taken, which would cause a significant impact to some of the properties in the area.

With this in mind, the Council is committed to taking remedial works at the site and Cabinet will consider a number of options on 6 February.

The Chilwell quarry was created by the former Chilwell brick works and is within the ownership of Broxtowe Borough Council. The Council purchased the land from a company in liquidation (David Charles Homes (Nottingham) Limited), in 1979.

The site is located beyond the western end of Leamington Drive, Chilwell, Nottinghamshire. The site generally comprises part of a wooded landscaping strip which slopes from the west, down to the east. Residential housing and associated infrastructure are present beyond the eastern & western boundaries of the site.

Broxtowe will continue to keep residents updated on all developments, and will engage with the community as plans become more well defined.


Communications Team