New festival in Broxtowe receives £30k from the Arts Council

23/01/24 - A new cultural festival in Broxtowe has received £30,000 in Arts Council funding. The festival will run across June and will include a diverse cultural mix of theatre performances, art workshops, film showings, live music, a children’s writing competition and an art exhibition.

The funding bid was put together through a Community Committee, made up of Broxtowe Borough Council Officers, Members and local people who have expertise in different cultural sectors. 

Organisers will now begin putting the full arrangements together, which will include events at a range of indoor venues and outdoor public spaces including:

  • Performing Arts: An hour long theatrical performance, using creative writing & performance-based workshops to amplify & empower marginalized voices & under-represented members of the community.
  • Film: A mini film festival featuring the winners from April’s Beeston Film Festival, tours of a community cinema & film-making workshops.
  • Literature: Awards and exhibition for the annual D.H. Lawrence Children’s Writing Competition.
  • Music: Pop-up classical, jazz & contemporary musical performances in indoor & outdoor spaces across Broxtowe by professional, amateur & youth musicians, & an afternoon of live music by local performers on an outdoor stage.
  • Visual arts: Art workshops and an open to all arts competition resulting in a physical & online exhibition at the festival.

Chair of the Community Committee, Councillor Teresa Cullen said: “This is such a significant amount of funding and such an exciting opportunity for us in Broxtowe. The festival will bring the best of Broxtowe cultural groups and artists to venues across the breadth of the Borough. 

It will also be a really important way for us to break down barriers between areas of our local community, raise awareness of issues like disability and mental health through cultural performances and be accessible for people for all backgrounds. We’ll be sharing more details about how to get involved very soon.”

The Community Committee was founded as part of a European exchange project with cities in Germany, Sweden, France and Poland, called CCity.

Communications Team