COVID-19 Vaccine

COVID-19 Vaccine

Information about the COVID-19 vaccine programme.

The COVID-19 vaccine rollout is startingWhen can I have my vaccine?

The latest information for Nottinghamshire residents about which groups are being invited for their vaccine can be found on the NHS Nottingham and Nottinghamshire website (Opens in a new window).

The NHS is inviting people for vaccinations based on expert advice on who would benefit most. This has been set by the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI). 

If you live in an area which does not yet have a local vaccination service, you will be able to visit one of the other Nottinghamshire and Nottingham sites when you receive your letter and book in your vaccination. 

The most important things that you can do are:

  • Please don’t contact the NHS to seek a vaccine, they will contact you.
  • When you are contacted, please attend your booked appointments.
  • It is vital that you continue to follow all the guidance to control the virus and save lives.

NHS Vaccination Bus

We are sorry to report that the vaccine bus due in Beeston today, Wednesday 22 December, has broken down and won’t be there as advertised.
We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Vaccine stories

The Mayor, Councillor Janet PatrickCouncillor Janet Patrick, Mayor of Broxtowe

"Some of us have had COVID-19, some of us know someone who has and some of us have had to go through the devastation of losing a loved one to the virus.

Even if we haven’t experienced it ourselves, we have been impacted by the restrictions over the last year which have changed how we live our lives.

My age group was recently invited for their COVID-19 vaccinations and I have since had my jab. 

It only took a few minutes out of my day but it has got me one step closer to hugging my grandchildren and being with all my family. We are scattered in Scotland, Wales and England!

Please for yourself and for those you love, book your vaccination once you are invited to have it."


Zahid JavedZahid Javed, COVID-19 Information Officer

My job involves helping and supporting businesses and residents to stay informed about COVID-19. My message to all communities is to take up the offer of a vaccine when you are invited to book your appointment.

It’s natural to want to understand more about the vaccine, but beware of false information. Misinformation could have serious consequences for you or those around you.  Think about where the information came from and whether other reliable sources are sharing the same details.

It is really important that we all contribute to the effort to reduce the spread of Coronavirus. By taking the vaccine, we are protecting ourselves and each other and ultimately, saving lives.



Councillor Halimah KhaledCouncillor Halimah Khaled, Councillor for Toton and Chilwell Meadows

Having been in hospital for COVID-19 myself in recent months, I can tell you what a truly awful experience it was and how scared I was.

I cannot stress how important it is to book your vaccine appointment once you are invited to come forward.

As a proud Muslim, I know there are many myths and misinformation about the vaccine in amongst our community, as well as others from black, ethnic and minority background.

Lots of great work is going on in our area to dispel these myths so that we can encourage people to get their vaccine when offered it.

Please take the time to inform yourself about the facts from reliable sources.

No matter our background, each of us can make the decision to have the vaccine and help protect the lives all those we hold dear.



Derek Burnett BEMDerek Burnett BEM, Community First Responder and Past Mayor

As a Community First Responder, I spend a lot of time with people when they are at their most vulnerable and have seen first hand the impact COVID-19 has had on people's lives.

We can all come up with reasons and excuses to put it off.

"I'm too busy"   "I'll do it next week"   "I'm healthy, I'll be fine"

If we've learned anything over the past year its that Coronavirus doesn't wait. Please do book your vaccine appointment once you're are invited to do so.

Just a few minutes of your day to attend a vaccination centre will help gives us all an opportunity to take another step forward towards those we love and the things we love.

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Broxtowe Borough Council
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